Fit 2 Fight (12 Weeks/36 Classes)

Our flagship program! Fit 2 Fight has been developed over two generations by Grand Master Philip Ameris and his son, Philip Ameris, Jr. F2F has been used from everyone from professional combat sport and college athletes, to stay at home parents, busy professionals, and even grandparents!  (See some of our success stories here)

A complete fitness boot camp comprised of two major components: Authentic Kickboxing & Progressive Strength Training. Each round of F2F is progressively programmed over 12 weeks - increasing in difficulty, while being scaled for people of all fitness levels.

Each class is a full body workout designed around increasing output and stress relief in a safe and positive environment. A typical F2F Training Session will include but is not limited to authentic kickboxing (jumping rope, mitt work, heavy bag training, and partner drills) and/or strength training with such tools as kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and sand bags. .

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F2F Power Hour (12 Weeks/Saturdays Only)

 F2F Power Hour is designed to fill in the blanks of our 12 week program. While still offering up its own dose of kickboxing - F2F Power Hour uses various methods of circuit style workouts that focus on the aesthetics of strength training.

Led by longtime F2F students turned instructors (Hillary & Marissa) - F2F Power Hour is fast paced and pushes participants with full body training.  

Our Power Hour class is offered as a stand alone program or can be bundled with our traditional F2F bootcamp.  F2F Power Hour is open to both men and women and serves as a great introduction o F2F style training or as a way to sample or supplement a busy schedule.

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F2F+ (12 Weeks/48 Classes)

F2F+ is a combination of our traditional 12 Week Boot Camp w/ our Satruday morning Power Hour class.  Check our our course descriptions for an individual explanation of each program.

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